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Latest News

Campus Safety Webcast Series

 Caring for School First Responders

Schools are typically peaceful places however emergencies can happen. School employees in these emergencies now become responders and in the aftermath they can be impacted physically and mentally just like any other traditional responder. These responses can also impact the employees’ family life in dramatic ways. Guy, Debbie, William and Dara will share some of their experiences in responding to school emergencies and what happened in the aftermath to them and their families.

 Join Us Live On Thursday, March 22 @ 2PM 


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RSS Civilian Residential Fire Fatality Notices
  • March 16 (0 fatalities) March 17, 2018
    On March 16, 0 residential fire fatalities were reported by the Nation's news media.
  • March 15 (9 fatalities) March 17, 2018
    On March 15, 9 residential fire fatalities were reported by the Nation's news media.
  • March 11 (10 fatalities) March 17, 2018
    On March 11, 10 residential fire fatalities were reported by the Nation's news media.
  • March 14 (6 fatalities) March 17, 2018
    On March 14, 6 residential fire fatalities were reported by the Nation's news media.
  • March 12 (2 fatalities) March 17, 2018
    On March 12, 2 residential fire fatalities were reported by the Nation's news media.
  • March 13 (11 fatalities) March 17, 2018
    On March 13, 11 residential fire fatalities were reported by the Nation's news media.
  • March 10 (13 fatalities) March 17, 2018
    On March 10, 13 residential fire fatalities were reported by the Nation's news media.
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Please send a PDF or Word Document describing your employment opportunities to

Jurisdiction:  Harnett County

Job Title : Chief Deputy Fire Marshal 


SALARY:                    $50,579.00 – $60, 695.00 Annually
CLOSING DATE:       03/01/2018

The Harnett County Emergency Services Department – Fire Marshal Division is currently recruiting a Chief Deputy Fire Marshal (ESV1123) to perform supervisory, advisory, training and inspections work, conduct plan reviews, and overseeing fire inspections to ensure compliance with state and local fire codes. An employee in this position will perform varied tasks including but not limited to fire code enforcement and inspections, technical consultation with fire departments, fire investigations, public education, and plan reviews. This position will respond to natural and man-made emergency situations. Work will involve establishing and maintaining records and reports which will require exercising independent judgment and initiative, analytical skills, and extensive knowledge of federal, state and local policies and regulations in fire codes and hazardous materials management. An employee within this position must demonstrate the ability to make decisions quickly and accurately in emergency
situations while also communicating in a tactful and diplomatic manner when dealing with the public and other county organizations. Work is performed under the general direction of the Fire Marshal and is evaluated through conferences, reports, and feedback on services and emergency coordination.



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SALARY:                    $39,315 Annually
OPENING DATE:        12/20/17
CLOSING DATE:       Continuous

An employee in this class performs advisory, training, inspections / code enforcement and administrative work in the Fire Marshal Office and emergency management programs of the county.



Job Link


Jurisdiction:  GREENSBORO



SALARY:                    $42,778 – 57,038 Annually
CLOSING DATE:       3/19/2018


The Fire & Life Safety Educator position is responsible for developing and implementing a Fire Department strategy for Fire and Life Safety education. Work includes preparing and presenting fire prevention and fire safety education programs to diverse audiences; budgeting and maintaining supplies; initiating and maintaining partnerships and communications between the Fire Department and various schools, community groups, the media, businesses and associations; developing presentations, brochures and other educational materials for public distribution; and increasing awareness of public safety initiatives that build upon the department’s fire and life safety community risk reduction strategies. Duties assigned to the selected candidate may vary according to the needs of the Department. Work is performed in accordance with established procedures and techniques, but the employee must exercise independent judgment in resolving issues in the field. Work is performed under general supervision of a Deputy Fire Marshal/ Battalion Chief. The development, assembly and transport of Fire Education Props will require the employee to operate hand and power tools, ladders and step stools. In addition, the employee will operate a fire engine and fire equipment as well as a pickup truck and trailer. This job is Non-Exempt and is subject to the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act



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Jurisdiction:  City of Durham

Job Title : Fire Marshal


SALARY:                    $79,938 – $118,808 Annually
OPENING DATE:        02/26/2018
CLOSING DATE:       03/19/2018

To lead and manage the Fire Prevention Division. This is accomplished by developing short and long term strategic direction; enforcing applicable laws and ordinances; coordinating fire investigations where arson is suspected or fatalities/severe injuries and/ or property damage occur; coordinating community risk reduction programming based on risk analysis results; supervising residential and commercial inspection programs; and authorizing permits in compliance with the NC Fire Code. Other duties include assisting residents, other city departments, and all members of the fire department with information regarding fire prevention education, fire inspection fees, permits, or fire code related issues.



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