Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Performs fire Inspections of private schools, daycares, rest-homes, businesses and industrial facilities for compliance with the NC Fire Prevention Code.
  • Preparing for, responds to, and mitigating the effects of disasters through planning, alerting, and educating the public and town staff; reports natural and man-made threats to employees, citizens, infrastructure, the environment and property to the Fire Marshal.
  • Conducts fire prevention, public fire and life safety education, and disaster education on methods to prevent, extinguish or escape the effects of fires, explosions, falls and chemical releases.
  • Performs fire investigations to determine the origin and cause of fires; examines and collects physical evidence, photographic documentation and writes reports for court presentation.
  • Reviews plans for new construction, issues permits and inspects installations; witnesses acceptance testing of systems and approve certificates of occupancy.
  • Receives inquiries, complaints and requests for information from the public concerning their real or perceived threats, conditions or misunderstanding of hazards or violations in the community.
  • Has the authority to shut down and evacuate any facility, event or process that is determined a life safety hazard.
  • Performs other related duties as required