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Membership Information

I hereby make application for membership in the NORTH CAROLINA FIRE MARSHAL'S ASSOCIATION and agree to be governed by its Constitution, Bylaws and rules. I an of the opinion that I meet the requirements for membership which are:

(Active) The full time salaried official of a county or municipality in North Carolina who is engaged primarily in the prevention of fire through property inspection, enforcement of the fire laws and regulation and public education and who may also be charged with the duty investigation of the cause and origin of fires. Also, the full time salaried assistants of such officials.

(Associate) The non-salaried or part-time legally designated official of a county, municipality, or other persons involved in fire safety in North Carolina who is authorized and obligated by public law or lawful ordinance with the primary duty of fire prevention through property inspection, enforcement of fire laws and regulations and public education and who may also be charged with the duty of investigating the cause and origin of fires. Associate members shall enjoy all the privileges of membership except that of elective office and voting privileges.

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An Annual membership fee of $15.00 is applicable to eligible counties and municipalities for each member. The fee must be received before any action will be taken on your membership application. Please print a copy of this page and include it with your payment. Make checks payable to:

Adam Cloninger, Treasurer, NC Fire Marshal's Association
C/O Charlotte Fire Department
500 Dalton Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28206